Conquer Exam Fear

Fear is a state of mind which is induced by perceived danger or threat. For a student, examination is a very important event. Here they are tested by others and their performance is measured and analyzed. Students know that they are rated based on their scores. Every student wants to perform well but at times fear of failure hunts them. Failure in this context refers not only to low scores but also the failure to meet expectations. Fear leads to physical changes and mental blocks. So students must get rid of fear.

These are some tips that would help in conquering the fear of failure.

  1. Never underestimate yourself — you should always have confidence in you. This will help to ease up. You should look at the positive angle of things.
  2. Never think about negative outcomes — some students fear about failures and consequences. This will only increase the anxiety and tension. Always believe that you know something and there is always a scope for improvement.
  3. Stop comparing yourself with others — focus on your strength .Don’t waste your valuable time in analyzing the achievements of your friends as it will only make you anxious.
  4. Have right food and good sleep — your body should be fit to make your mind calm. Regular Exercise will help you in this. You should give break to your studies. Continuous study sessions will tire both your mind and body and make you dull.
  5. Don’t analyze previous exams — some students spend lot of time in analyzing previous exams and waste their valuable time. They start to think that they could have answered in a better way and waste time on counting marks. This is never going to help.
  6. Meditation, prayers and Yoga could also help to make you stress free. A calm and cool mind will help you study well and perform much better.

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