How to Learn without Forgetting

It is said that learning is an art. When you study something very well you are less likely to forget it. There are several ways in which you can enhance your memory and learning skills.

Here we give you some tips to help you to learn without forgetting.

  1. Pay full attention to what is taught in the class. A good level of concentration will help in better understanding of the concepts. Well prepared notes can further improve comprehension.
  2. Learn when you are relaxed and happy. Many students learn when they are tired or while watching TV. This can be distracting and affect comprehension.
  3. Reading a topic at least twice before moving on to the next one can be helpful in retention of concepts. Some topics may require extra reading.
  4. Noting down the important points, quotes or phrases can help you in writing good answers. Diagrams and other figures should also be practiced.
  5. Practice writing down the answers or drawing the diagrams without looking into the book. Then evaluate them by referring to the book. This will help you to see where you have gone wrong and you can make changes accordingly.
  6. Make questions from the notes and/or texts and find out answers. This will help you to remember the answers for longer time.

Keep on practicing this and you will not forget what you have learned.

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