Tips for Enhancing English Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the body of words used in a language. Beauty of any language lies in its vocabulary. A person who has a strong vocabulary will be able to write, speak and impress others easily. Word power can be improved through high level of determination; it is not a difficult task

The key prerequisites to a strong vocabulary include

a) Purpose of learning — you have to set a  clear cut purpose in your mind  that keeps you going

b) Determination –work with determination. You should be determined to improve vocabulary. This will help you to find time for this.

c) Timeline — set a timeline to learn these much words. For example, set a target of learning 1000 words in 3 months. It will be really good if you could allot a specific time slot in your daily activities for vocabulary exercises.

Learning Tips

  1.  Reading: This is the easiest way of improving your vocabulary. The more you read the more you learn. There are lots of materials to be read. It includes newspapers, journals, books, articles etc. You could choose a reasonably reputed English newspaper and read with a dictionary to note down the words that you don’t know.
  2.  Learn regularly: Make sure that you learn ten words a week. Learn in such a way that you don’t forget when you start learning new terms.
  3. Engage in conversations: Don’t be shy to use the new words you learn in your normal conversations. When you start speaking you would start to learn new things. When you engage in a healthy conversation in English you can learn from your counterpart as well.
  4.  Participate in Debates/Competitions: This will not only help to improve your vocabulary but also help to develop your communication and soft skills as well.
  5.   Watch English news and shows: This will help you to get new words and also to hone your pronunciation skills.

You should not stop yourself after learning new words. You must practice it regularly. Practice will definitely make you perfect and more competent.

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