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English is an international link language and the operational language in most of the reputed organizations across the world. In today’s globalized culture, the significance of English language has increased manifold.  Proficiency in English skills is undoubtedly a desirable qualification since all major business and other organizations cater to customers across the world, and more often those involved in this network use English as the primary language for communication. These factors make English language a necessary criterion for employment. The following are a few tips to improve the command of English language for second generation language learners.

  • Think in English– one of the common problems faced by non-native speakers of English is to think and translate. While it is natural to think in one’s mother tongue or first language, direct translation that follows may be erratic. Since the grammatical and syntactical structures of English differ from most other languages, translation from one to the other may lead to grammatical errors. Therefore, one should train oneself to think in English. This would reduce errors and also the time taken for translation, thereby enhancing fluency
  • Remove fear factor— never be afraid of committing mistakes. It is quite natural that people commit mistakes when they start practicing. It is better not to be self-conscious while speaking in English. Constant attention on what others might think can only result in nervousness.
  • Read English — read newspapers, magazines, books and journals in English on a regular basis. If necessary, keep a dictionary at hand to refer new words. This will help in improving vocabulary as well. Learning new words every day can help in improving self- expression and conversational skills too.
  • Watch English programmes– make a regular practice of watching English news, movies and drama, and listening to English songs. Programmes on BBC make use of British English or Standard English, while most Hollywood movies and CNN News employ the American variety. Constant exposure to native English will help in improving pronunciation
  • Converse in English– as far as possible make maximum use of English language in daily conversations. Language fluency can be improved only through constant practice.

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