Tips to Perform well in Entrance Exams

Different Entrance Examinations are going to happen in upcoming weeks. We are giving some advice to the candidates based on our  experience. These are certain basic things candidates should do at the examination hall.

  1. Read the questions carefully and ensure that you are attempting the right choice.There may be some questions that may be unfamiliar when you read first. But if you have well prepared you may get the answers after reading two or more times
  2. Never give a wild guess — you should not answer blindly from a guess after reading the question.
  3. Take care of the unit conversions. This is very important to ensure that metres, grams etc  are converted properly
  4. Answer cleverly – the following are some methods of answering
    • Elimination method: There could be some questions of which you know that some choices are not correct. If you are sure that one of the two choices are right you may choose one of them
    • Reverse  calculation: Suppose there is a question on integration you  are not thorough with but you know differentiation so you could try out reverse calculation — i.e you may get the correct answer by differentiating the choices
  5. Never panic and stay cool throughout. Sometimes exams may be difficult to the majority of the students .Candidates must realize that and make an honest attempt to answer as many questions as possible without compromising on accuracy. It is often seen that candidates get panicked when they see some difficult questions. They become totally confused and start guessing. You should never do that
  6. Time management is very important for exams. Candidates must ensure that time is distributed proportionately for all sessions and questions. There could be many familiar questions towards the end of the question paper; ensure that you give enough time to answer those questions
  7. Accuracy should not be compromised. It is more important how many questions you have answered correctly than how many questions you have attempted. Wrong answers may fetch you negative marks.

On the day of Entrance Examination

  • Be fresh and energetic – Don’t   write a competitive exam with tired mind and body. Avoid overnight studies. Have a sound sleep .This will help you calm down
  • Reach the Examination venue well in advance. Try to reach the venue at least 40 minutes before the start time. Plan accordingly. If the venue is unfamiliar then enquire about the route and transportation in advance
  • Don’t forget to carry ID card or hall ticket
  • Don’t go thirsty or hungry. Ensure that you have eaten well but not too much
  • Be calm and cool and seek divine blessings

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